Can CDN speed up ⚡ web sites?

Many webmasters still are not ready to use CDNs (content delivery networks) for speeding up their web sites and web pages.
This speed up can increase web page rankings on search engines like Google.
content delivery networks like Edgecast, CloudFront, HighWinds etc... cache static contents like jpg png gif css js files and deliver it from their own servers that distributed all around the world. the up-time, super fast servers, anycasted data centers on global network help web sites to visit faster because all requests will be divided to more than one web server.
CloudFlare is the latest cdn technology in the market because it is not just a cdn, it does like a proxy, first caches all static contents on their servers then delivers it to the visitor from the first available server that has very low latency rather than visitor's location.
We suggest to use content delivery networks for best performance of your web sites.
CloudFlare may increase first byte time of your web page but it delivers other contents faster than a single traditional web server that handle all requests. they said that in average their infrastructure can save over 60% of requests that a web site receives then they will send just about 40% of all requests to main web server, also it saves huge bandwidth for delivery of contents. CloudFlare offers free and paid plans that is suitable for every website. you can see this video to learn more about CloudFlare