KVM or OpenVZ which virtualization is better?

“Which virtualization is better for internet servers, KVM or OpenVZ?” This question comes up often when a customer is searching for buy a Virtual Private Server. What a client should do first is to consider the amount of RAM and disk space he/she needs, then look into which virtualization technology web hosting company offers. There are many technologies in the market like Hyper-V, Xen, VMware, let’s speak about more frequent types: KVM and OpenVZ.

Differences Between KVM and OpenVZ

First of all, the most basic difference between OpenVZ and KVM is that OpenVZ can ONLY host LINUX operating systems, while KVM is more flexible and can host Linux, Windows, and custom OS.

Both a pro and a con of OpenVZ is the complete sharing of resources it allows. OpenVZ uses a shared kernel with a layer of virtualization on top of the actual Linux OS. Since this kernel is shared by all VPS users on this node, the kernel is not customizable. Once you have hit your allocated RAM provided to you by the host, …

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Cache your WordPress site with new plugin: WPSuperSonic

These days i have found that a brilliant man wrote a very useful plugin for WordPress based sites that named : SuperSonic
This plugin uses CloudFlare services to cache every dynamic page of your WP site then efficinetly reduces server load and page load time(TTFB) and greatly increases speed of your WordPress based site.
CloudFlare from 2012 offers full page caching that helps websites go faster. you can read more about it here :

For using these plugin you first need to install it.
Then it needs to create three rules in your CloudFlate account:
URL pattern: /*.php* Custom caching: Bypass cache URL pattern: /*wp-admin* Custom caching: Bypass cacheURL pattern: /* Custom caching: Cache everything Edge cache expire TTL: 1 week (or even 2weeks) Browser cache expire TTL: 30 minutes. The order of rules is important so please set them in appropriate order just like above.

After that you need to insert your api key and email addres…

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How To Discover The very best Hosting On A Budget

Low-cost Hosting Solutions-How To Discover The very best Hosting On A Budget

Low-cost hosting solutions are prominent product today, since with the raising quantity of people utilizing the Web, this additionally causes the amount individuals who intend to get their sites be organized. Of course, website hosting is not something that lots of people obtain thrilled about; therefore, most people desire an inexpensive hosting business to get their internet site hosted rapidly and also easily.

Most people do not think about the complexities of this later on; essentially they want to obtain their internet site working as soon as feasible. Certainly, you don't should pay a lot of money to obtain great hosting, however frequently low-cost hosting is not the best choice for you, depending upon which you go with. 

Using These Wordpress Plugins That Will Monetize Your Blog

Are You Utilizing These Wordpress Plugins That Will Monetize Your Blog site As well as Generate Web Site Traffic?

Did you know there is a new open source community task underway called the WordPress Plugin Data source, found at wp-plugins. internet, which is an user-friendly web site with regarding 2,500 WordPress plugins as well as counting?

"The WordPress Plugin Data source is a classified listing of WordPress plugins, gone well with by a WordPress Plugin Supervisor that enables one-click installs," claim the database developers. "For individuals, wp-plugins. internet gives a browseable list of plugins, and also RSS feeds you could register for to get informed of brand-new plugins and also updates. For designers, wp-plugins. internet makes it very easy to advertise your plugin and also maintain users educated of new variations.".

Joomla! CMS For Cutting Edge Content Management system

Joomla is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that will certainly help you build internet sites as well as various other powerful online applications. Best of all, Joomla is an open source that is available to everybody

Joomla in Action:

Joomla is just one of one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is made use of throughout the globe for from simple sites to complicated company applications. Joomla is easy to , simple to manage, as well as trustworthy.

Joomla! Features:

1) Completely data source website engines
2) News, items or customer services sections totally editable and also workable

3) Topics sections can be contributed to by helping writers
4) Fully customisable designs consisting of left, center and also right 

5) Browser upload of graphics to your very own collection for use throughout the website
6) Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for instant 
7) Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris and also AIX