Dedicated hosting benefits: 3 reasons that dedicated hosting can help your online business

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If you are an expert in web hosting industry for sure you know the difference between shared hosting vs vps hosting vs dedicated hosting.

While dedicated hosting needs more monthly and yearly budget you can buy a shared hosting for at least $4 a month but dedicated hosting in average needs 10X to 200X more budget rather than a shared hosting. You may ask that is really worth it to rent a dedicated hosting or not.

It may be the best choice for you to migrate to a dedicated hosting environment if:


1.Your online visitors are growing very fast because of online advertising or your websites are being more popular.

These days one of important factors for biggest search engines like Google is the page load time. Based on tests in Google page speed tool that you can see and check it yourself if every page that its load time is more than 200ms is a low speed web page.

You can improve page load time by using caching proxies or caching softwares but the most important thing is lack of hardware resources access for your website because hardware resources in shared hosting is shared between many users and websites then it is clear you can not use most of the hardware’s power and it effects your web page speed load time.

In a dedicated hosting you have exclusive access to 100% of hardware resources just like RAM, CPU and disk space.

2. You want more security and isolation

In a dedicated server everything belongs to you, no one else except you uses the resources no one has access to disk drives and no one is in your neighborhood thus your databases, your files, software, email files and server applications are just using by you.

This greatly helps you to have isolated environment for your online activity. In addition you can block many unused ports that you couldn’t block it before in a shared hosting.

3. You want flexibility and customization

Either you are a web site developer or your website developer each may want to install or setup specific web application for your online site that is not possible in shared hosting services then the solution is a dedicated server hosting.

Also with growing your online business and increasing your web site traffic you may need more hardware resources and it is a peace of cake to add more resources just like RAM or disk drive to your current dedicated server that previously wasn’t possible in shared hosting environment, this is the flexibility and customization we are telling about it.

Disadvantages of dedicated server:

When we write about benefits of dedicated server hosting we should also write about disadvantages of dedicated servers.

First of all it needs more budget rather than shared or vps hosting services.

Second it needs more skills to manage for example updating applications or installing OS updates or security patches, of course if you want you can buy managed support services for your dedicated hosting but it needs more budget to spend and is not affordable for every one or every online business.

The third disadvantage of dedicated server is additional licensing fees of server applications or scripts that before offered free of charge in shared hosting services.

Currently we are offering Linux dedicated servers locating in United States with different hardware configurations, if you like you can take a look at these offers here:


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