Complete definition article about shared hosting, vps hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting & Colo hosting

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You know you need a web host, but you don’t know where to begin. You do a web search to research possible options and get a bit confused with all the Linux, UNIX, shared hosting, dedicated servers, virutal private servers, cloud servers, CoLocation hosting. Step back a bit. You don’t need to learn everything about…Read More

Our Hosting In The United Kingdom👈

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At CiscoWebServers there’s a long– term partnership with one of the most reliable datacenters in Britain– Pulsant. This British datacenter could be located in Maidenhead, just a couple miles beyond London. The UK datacenter is undoubtedly a good alternative for all websites, with a targeted visitor audience from the rest of the Uk, Europe and…Read More

SSD vs HDD on web hosting

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For people with a website or maybe an application, pace is really important. The quicker your site functions and also the faster your apps perform, the better for everyone. Since a web site is simply a variety of data files that talk with each other, the devices that store and work with these data files…Read More

Linux or Windows?

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The Basics Of Linux & Windows Linux (as well as its stale kinship Unix) and also Windows  (and its muggy compatriot Windows NT) are kinds of software program (known as operating systems) that netting web servers worth to enact the friendly of points that harmonize web servers do. You implement not need to recognize any…Read More